hatchelt (hatchelt) wrote in gonzo_writers,

all filler, no killer

Let's talk about the Cutty Sark! Ooooh, isn't it terrible!

Well, I was actually more concerned about the new law which enabled MPs to get out of freedom of information act.

No but the Cutty Sark! It's a little bit charred! The nation mourns!

Sure, but a senior police officer has said he fears the spread of CCTV cameras in the UK is leading to "an Orwellian situation" which we're sleep walking into.

Have you seen the new photos of the Cutty Sark? They say it was an act of arson! Cutty SarkCutty SarkCutty SarkCutty Sark!

Aren't you worried about the news that council staff, charity workers and doctors could be required by law to tip off police about anyone they believe could commit a violent crime one day? What's next, thought crimes?

Oh you wanna play hardball huh? HAVE YOU SEEN MADELEINE MCCANN?!

well, no, of course not seeing i'm in bristol and she was taken in Portugal...

oh you heartless MONSTER! where's your yellow ribbon, look into her eyes, share the families pain!

...you're all fucking idiots.

in other news, we're having our 82nd lunchtime vigil for Alan Johnston in the BBC carpark, in the hopes that the people who have him walk past...here, sign the petition
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